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Fuchu City VR360 Virtual Tours

Embark on a captivating journey as you discover the hidden charms of Fuchu City through mesmerizing Fuchu City VR360 virtual tours, a mere 20-minute train ride from Tokyo's vibrant Shinjuku district. Fuchu City's rich 1,300-year history has shaped it as the most ancient urban settlement in the Tokyo area, offering a blend of tradition and innovation. From the revered Okunitama Jinja to the Kyodo-no-Mori Museum, which delves into the area's history, culture, and nature, as well as the bustling Daitokyo Sogo Oroshiuri Center (Fuchu Wholesale Market) and the abundance of local farms and produce, this city captures the essence of Japan's heritage and modernity. Join your expert guide and fellow traveler, Rachel Leng, on a virtual journey (VR Tour) to discover the secrets of Fuchu City, where ancient wonders blend with modern charm to create an enchanting destination filled with captivating stories and a vibrant present.

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